If you Love Fried Tomato Stew, then You would definitely love this my Fried Tomato Stew Recipe.


  1. 10 big fresh tomatoes
  2. 10 medium size Tatashe
  3. 7 big Shombo
  4. 7 medium size habanero pepper
  5. 250g tinned tomato paste
  6. 4 spoonfuls of sunflower oil (or any other vegetable of your choice)
  7. 4 big red Onions (blend 2 and slice 2 thinly)
  8. 5 cups beef or chicken stock
  9. 2tbsp curry powder
  10. 1tbsp dried thyme
  11. Salt to taste
  12. 4 stock cube (I usually use Knorr chicken)


Cooking Instruction:

  1. blend the tomatoes and peppers with the 2 onions and the tinned tomato paste;
  2. In a dry pot, pour the oil and let it heat, till it’s hot;
  3. add the sliced onions;
  4. and fry it in the oil till you start perceiving the fragrance;
  5. add the blended pepper, tomatoes, onion, and the tomato paste;
  6. add the curry, thyme, stock cubes, salt and turn;
  7. let it simmer for 3 minutes;
  8. add the chicken stock, turn and cover the pot
  9. all it to simmer for 30 minutes, (on medium heat) turn occasionally.
  10. taste to check if the taste is perfect, add more salt if need be. You can add the fried meat at this step;
  11. lower heat, and let the stew simmer, till oil floats on top.