Golden recipe is a compilation of dishes with special touch and lasting impression in your taste bud. My posts will be from the compilation of my favorite dishes and special recipe.

This dream was born in 2008, and i have been developing it ever since then.

It’s important to state that the dishes featured herein aren’t just from a particular geographical region, neither is the recipe a stereotyped one, flexibility is the key word to my recipe brand. Most of the dishes I’ll share aren’t made the conventional way so don’t be surprised at the variations you’ll always encounter in my recipe (that’s what makes the Golden Taste Brand)
Most of the ingredients can be easily purchased in your local market or grocery store.

This is not just your regular recipe page, its much more than that – it contains information on how you can process, store and do other important things that ensure your dish is perfect, nutritious , hygienic, and satisfies both the organoleptic and aesthetic characteristics needed to make the dish linger in your memory.

It’s also important to state that cooking is an art, thus as each artist explores for new design, every one who cooks should feel free to explore into creating his/her own recipe.

The posts in this page will be written in simple English for easy assimilation of anyone that can read Basic English and can cook. Its for housewives that want to keep bringing their husbands home with expectation of sumptuous meal, for bachelors that want to cook their meals and eat their best foods without going to restaurants for portions, for mothers that want to teach their teenage daughters how to cook, or for husbands that wish to surprise their wives on special occasions by preparing candle light dinners.

Golden Taste is for everyone.